One thought on “God, Zombies, and Star Wars”

  1. Very good blog, Morgan.

    Fantasy and Sci Fi both lend themselves to symbolism, and that makes it a good conduit to sharing a Christian message. Also, sometimes a Christian may see a glimpse of God’s truth in a symbol that the author/director did not intend.

    I remember a movie — to call it a B-Movie would be a compliment — called Sorceress. Violent, occultic, and very sensual. But the heroines were told in trouble they were to say the name. When they said it during the climax, an image appeared in the stars, and destroyed the bad guy’s image. The image? A lion. As in Lion of the Tribe of Judah?

    One case in point about something that wasn’t meant to glorify God but used by believers for that purpose? There’s a popular new-age composer who wrote music for a movie and dedicated it to the Greek god Pan. His name? Vangelis. The theme? Chariots of Fire, music that inspires Christians as much as the movie does.

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