Daughter of Light a Christy Award Finalist

The Christy AwardI sat at the gas station, waiting for my husband to gas up our van. While I waited, I checked my emails. I thumbed down and saw a forward from my editor. I opened the message. My heart stopped. I read the message again. There was a disconnect between my eyes and my brain. Dan climbed back into the van and started the motor. I turned toward him and in a calm voice announced that Daughter of Light was a finalist for the Christy Awards.

Dan went nuts while I stared ahead again in absolute shock.

It took two more days for the news to finally sink in.

I never expected to final in the Christy Awards. In fact, I almost didn’t enter. The day I had to make the decision, God provided everything I needed in order to enter. On November 15th, I wrote this on my Facebook author page: “Had a God moment this week. I had a writing opportunity come up that I could not afford. I told God jokingly that He would have to drop the money in my lap (my exact words). Well, He did, in a way that I would have never thought. And it was the exact amount too. I’m still walking around dazed lol.” And so I entered the Christy Awards.

And once again I am walking around dazed.

Last week, Daughter of Light hit #1 bestseller in 3 categories on Amazon and #134 overall on Nook. It felt good. But I realized something during that time. Here is what I wrote on facebook: Something I have learned about blessings: enjoy them, don’t horde them. They come and go, so enjoy the moment. Like all things, they will eventually slip away. But if you try to cling to them, you will miss the moment.

So right now I am going to enjoy this moment God has given me 🙂

To find out more about the Christy Awards and other 2013 nominees, click here: www.christyawards.com


12 thoughts on “Daughter of Light a Christy Award Finalist”

  1. So proud of you Morgan. Congratulation on using your obvious giftedness for the Glory of God. Thanks for sharing it with the world and sharing the thrill of what’s happening because of it, with all of us.

  2. Congratulations, Morgan. And of course I’ll probably have to add a question about that in the interview (or at least mention it in the intro).

    Since it’s official, I hope you don’t mind if I pass it on to the rest of the chapter.

    Again, congratulations and have a blessed day.

  3. Morgan, this is fantastic news! I have not had the pleasure of meeting you yet, but I’m part of the South-Central Kansas ACFW Chapter. I was unable to be at the meeting this month, but I do hope to be able to see you there in May. I know I speak for the entire chapter when I say thatb we are so proud of you and this wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations!!!

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