Daughter of Light

Have you ever seen inside the human heart?

I have.

I have seen the darkness that hides within, I have felt the feelings of hatred and lust, heard whispers that still haunt my mind. With one touch I see what no one else sees: the very soul of man.

I am a mirror. I reflect the darkness within. I rip away the lies and deceit wrapped around the heart until all that is left is darkness and light. I expose the truth. And am hated and feared for it.

Why would the Word give me such terrifying power? Why must I see the darkness in others?

I never wanted this. I tried to rip the mark from my hand. I tried to hide it. I even ran away. It worked for a time. But a power like this cannot stay hidden forever.

And so I have been banished from my village. I run from those who wish to kill me. And hide from others who hope to twist my power.

Only a few stand beside me. But even they cannot follow me down the long dark road that lies before me. Only one can. The One who gave me my power.

Someday I will pay the price for my gift. For men do not want light, they want darkness. But until that day comes, the Word will stand with me and by his power I will shine.

Daughter of Light.

2 thoughts on “Daughter of Light”

  1. I came here to find out a little more about you (after stalking the Marcher Lord Press site a while ago) and this was the first post I read. I don’t know why I scrolled down to the second most recent entry–God, I guess–but about 35 seconds later, as my reading grew faster and faster through this post, I found myself itching for your novel. There are several reasons. One, MLP has only fed me books that I love and I’m very very excited to have another one in my hands. Two, what little I now know of your novel (thanks to this small post) is enough to keep me anxiously waiting on the edge of my seat to find out more of this character, this story, and this special gift. Three, I’m a sucker for first-person novels. A complete sucker…

    Though I only read this post (so far), I can already see that God’s blessed your writing, Morgan. And there’s nothing more uplifting than knowing I get to read the fruit that comes from your devotion to Him. To say I’m thrilled is quite the understatement.

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