My Bucket List

Today I wanted to do a fluffy post. Lately (maybe because my birthday is around the corner?), I’ve been thinking about my bucket list. Now this list is not just stuff I hope to do or would be nice to do. It’s stuff that if at all possible I will do before I die. So here it is:

-Spend one night in a castle. I don’t care where the castle is, I just want to spend a night in one :).

-Visit London. Yep, I want go eat fish and chips in a pub, ride on a double decker bus, see Buckingham palace, everything.

-Take my family to Yellowstone Park. I absolutely love the beauty of that place and want to spend a couple days driving/camping through with my family.

-Plant a butterfly garden. I have just discovered there are a lot of butterflies in Kansas, so this will make it even easier :).

This is my list so far. I wanted to only put things that are in my control to accomplish (winning a national cooking contest is outside my control, however entering one is… but that’s not on my bucket list lol).

So I’m curious, what is on your bucket list?


8 thoughts on “My Bucket List”

  1. I always thought I wanted to travel until I discovered how much it stresses me out. Regardless, I’d like to visit a few places before I leave Earth: Key West, a desert, Australia, France, Italy, England, Israel.
    In the area of “within my control”: finish this edit. =)

  2. – I’d love to take a long leisurely bike ride in Scotland and learn how to play the bagpipes. I’ll even walk – just get me to Scotland.

    – I want to “traditionally” publish a novel.

    – Do a missions trip to a place like New Zealand.

    – I’d love to have dinner with Dean Koontz.

    – Ditto on that castle idea AND the Yellowstone with family trip too!

    – Dream of living in the mountains.

    Which reminds me … I had no idea you live in Kansas? How did I miss that? 🙂 I live in Wichita.

    My bucket list would overflow if I kept writing about it, so I’ll pause there for now.

    Blessings Morgan.

  3. Oh man, I have a growing bucket list and I think I have to add to sleep in a castle, that would be awesome!

    I love other cultures, so I want to travel to many places, some of the places are Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Italy, Zambia, Peru (again), Take a cruise-can thank my hubby for that one, Go to universal studios to see the Harry Potter attraction, Hawaii.

    I’d love to learn the violin, but….I think I’ve removed musical aspirations from my list

    Build a miniature castle

    Build our dream home & have horses

  4. Fun post, Morgan! Let’s see…

    –Visit Italy, Ireland, and Australia
    –Have a novel traditionally published
    –Take my kids to Disneyworld!

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