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My Bucket List

Today I wanted to do a fluffy post. Lately (maybe because my birthday is around the corner?), I’ve been thinking about my bucket list. Now this list is not just stuff I hope to do or would be nice to do. It’s stuff that if at all possible I will do before I die. So here it is:

-Spend one night in a castle. I don’t care where the castle is, I just want to spend a night in one :).

-Visit London. Yep, I want go eat fish and chips in a pub, ride on a double decker bus, see Buckingham palace, everything.

-Take my family to Yellowstone Park. I absolutely love the beauty of that place and want to spend a couple days driving/camping through with my family.

-Plant a butterfly garden. I have just discovered there are a lot of butterflies in Kansas, so this will make it even easier :).

This is my list so far. I wanted to only put things that are in my control to accomplish (winning a national cooking contest is outside my control, however entering one is… but that’s not on my bucket list lol).

So I’m curious, what is on your bucket list?