My First American Christian Fiction Writers Conference

I took off Wednesday to Dallas to attend my first ACFW Conference. Even though I wasn’t pitching anything at this conference (pitching is where you try to “sell” your manuscript to an agent or editor), I was more nervous than I have ever been for a conference.

Thursday morning, I stepped off the elevator, saw all the people, and stepped right back on and hid in my room for an hour. I was intimidated! But I couldn’t hide forever. The classes were about to begin and I had paid good money to come here. So I straightened my shoulders and went back down.

And I’m so glad I did. I met friends I have known on the internet for years, met new friends, learned some great stuff, and ate really, really well (dessert at lunch and dinner, yes please!). But instead of writing more about my experience at the ACFW Conference, I am going to post pictures (since pictures are suppose to be worth a thousand words). Enjoy!

Friends and Fellow Speculative Writers
Me and Jill Williamson
More Friends and Speculative Writers
Marcher Lord Press Authors
All the Speculative Writers at ACFW 🙂

At the end of the conference, I had the privilege of accepting the Carol Award in the speculative category for my friend and fellow Marcher Lord Press author, Steve Rzasa, for his book Broken Sight . Now I’m heading home, my head filled with ideas and my heart full of friends. Thank you everyone!

9 thoughts on “My First American Christian Fiction Writers Conference”

  1. So glad you posted pictures. I have heard the names of your fellow writers and now I know their faces. So glad you were able to go.

  2. Oh, it looks wonderful. Wish I’d been there to meet all you fabulous spec writers. Next year:) Glad you had a great time and conquered your fears. Happy writing on those fabulous ideas you gathered!

  3. I cried during the awards Gala…and not just because I wanted MY friend to win. It was fun and beautiful. So glad that you got to go too. Oh, loved your “to parents” post…that made me cry too…hmmmm a dustrubing trend perhaps. God Bless.

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