Free Beauty

During this time of year we are bombarded with things we can buy. And if you woke up really early the day after Thanksgiving, you might have even been able to buy it for less. But after reading a friend’s blog on consumerism, I was struck with the irony that we forget about all the free stuff we receive everyday.

Free stuff? Yep. These things cost absolutely nothing. In fact, you could never buy them, even if you had all the money in the world. And yet they are available to everyone. What I’m talking about is free beauty.

A sunset that leaves the sky colored in brilliant orange, red, and deep purple. A winter’s night so cold it takes your breath away and paints the moon in pale white.

The feel of a pet’s soft fur. Warm fleece pants (I could live in those :)). Hot showers that leave your skin pink.

The smell of a baby just out of the bath (and how soft their skin is). The aroma of baking in the kitchen (cookies, bread, roast in the crockpot). Fresh spring rain.

And speaking of rain, the sound as it falls gently outside an open window. The purring of a cat (or guinea pig :)). The wind brushing its fingers through tall evergreen trees. Songbirds.

The smooth rich flavor of cheesecake. A bottle of root beer so cold it’s just on the brink of freezing. A peach just picked and still warm from the sun (I can feel the juice running down my chin now).

God has given us the ability to enjoy so many things, many of them we could never buy. But we forget to enjoy what is around us as we focus on the things we want to buy. So how about today we take a break. Turn off the lights, sit on the couch and watch the Christmas lights twinkle on the tree. Walk outside tonight and look at the stars. Stand in your kitchen for one minute and just enjoy the smell of cookies baking in the oven. And thank God for the amazing things he made and the senses he gave us to enjoy the world around us.

I would love to hear from you guys. What is your favorite Free Beauty?

4 thoughts on “Free Beauty”

  1. Here are some of my favorite Free Beauties: The sun on my face (I feel God’s hand curessing my face), waking up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee, clothes right our of the drier, the sound of children laughing, watching squirels play (I love squirels), time spent with friends I don’t see often, hugs from my dearest friends, cuddling with my sweet cat Angel, hugs from my husband and son, memories, time spent with family and loved one (that’s priceless), I could go on and on. You’re so right, we take these things for granted all the time. Life is so short, we should appriceate these things more than we do. Merry Christmas my dear friend. XOXO

  2. Both of my sons are grown and live on their own. But I never tire of seeing their smiling faces and hearing them laugh. Both of them have been in life threatening places, and I thank Got everyday that they both live vibrant, Christian lives.

  3. We have so much to enjoy. Even now I am watching fat snow flakes fall, covering the world in white while my kids run around the house, trying to find their winter clothes so they can go make snow angels 🙂

  4. To hear my husband tell me he loves me when he goes in one part of the store and I go to the other , to hear Zachary ask where Im at if Im not in the living room when he comes in the front door , to see Jayden look at books and never get tired of them and the laughing the boys do when they play with each other and with there Daddy . These are things that make me smile and relize Im blessed more than I ever dreamed I would be and God is here making sure that were being taken care of . What an amazing life I have! God is so good !! Thanks for the reminder Morgan its things like this that sometimes I take for granted and never want to because there priceless 🙂

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