Book Review: The Dark Man

Mission Impossible meets post-modern America where Christianity is against the law. Welcome to the book The Dark Man.

Charles Graves is a man of many disguises who goes undercover to root out underground cells of Christians. But when the disguises are taken off, Charles does not know himself. He hears voices in his mind, telling him what to do, what to think. And he is haunted by a guilt ridden past.

The Dark Man is a fast-paced action packed book (helicopters blowing up and everything :)). If you’re into action, this is the book for you. The only thing I found confusing sometimes were the voices inside Charles’ mind (and some of the other characters too). But overall, the writing is good and the plot moves fast.

I recommend this book for anyone who likes action filled books with a twist.

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*I received a free copy of this book from Marcher Lord Press in order to review.

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