What if Only One Person Reads My Books?

writingThis thought has been on my mind for the last couple of weeks. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out if you’re doing what you’re supposed to as a writer. Doubt is always there, lurking in the back of your mind. My rankings are down, should I still be writing? My royalty check makes me blush, should I still be writing? I feel like I’m letting my publisher, agent, etc… down, should I still be writing?

Is anyone even reading my books?

So as I was once again re-evaluating if I should be writing (aka, I’m not feeling like I’m successful and wondering if my life would be better served doing something else), I had this thought: what if only one person ever reads my books? Then I took it a step further. What if what I was writing was meant for just one person? That God wanted me to spend my lifetime writing multiple series for a person who I will never meet, but someday would need to read my books because through those books God would change them? And not just one book, but God would use all of my books to help that one person?

Would it be worth it?

Would it be worth all the hours I pour into writing, the sacrifices I make so I can make time to write every day, the other “good things” I could be doing, but instead I am writing? Honestly? In my flesh that thought makes me cry. Just one person? But as I pondered this thought, I realized that God would do that, because of that one soul.

When we think of God doing above and beyond what we can imagine, we think of grandiose plans and ideas. But what if God’s plans involve a lonely writer, writing her heart out for the rest of her life, then connecting her books to one person who needs to read those books—every single one of them—and by reading them, comes to know God his or herself?

That’s exactly how God would do things…because to Him the value of a soul is priceless. He would do anything to reach people, including using the lifetime of a writer and all of her books to reach that other soul.

This thought has plagued me over and over again for the last few weeks. What if only one person ever reads my books? And not just one book, but will read everything I will ever write, and by doing so will connect with God? Is that worth it?


That’s not to say sometimes I wish I had more to show for my writing, but when my focus is on God, it’s then I believe that what I am doing is not in vain, even if it might be for just one person. After all, every soul is precious to God. And that makes writing worth it.

How about you? Are you struggling with what you’re doing? Do you wonder if it’s worth it or is it time to throw in the towel? I can’t tell you yes or no, but I can tell you anything you do with open hands held up to God is never in vain, even if you don’t see the results.

18 thoughts on “What if Only One Person Reads My Books?”

    1. Thank you for sharing, Andrew. And I am so sorry for your loss! Reading your post reminded me of my own dog who suddenly passed away this summer. We will be spreading her ashes this weekend in a special spot.

      Paul was also willing to lay down his life for others. If he could, he would’ve faced hell if it would save the rest of his brethren. I feel the same way about my children. Jesus Himself said there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends (or family, or etc…). It shows we have a heart of flesh inside of us.

  1. I write because I love it and I feel so blessed that I enjoy it so much, not because I expect God to do something miraculous (like soul-saving) through my writing. But hey, who am I to try and figure God out? hahaha

    1. Millie, thank you so much for sharing! I believe that not only can we enjoy writing, but God, being who He is, will also use it for something we cannot see. Enjoy writing, my friend!

  2. Hi Morgan … what about if no one read it? It’s a hard question – why would we do it? Spend all those hours slaving away to write.

    And I think it’s because we’re doing it with the Lord. He’s transforming us through the writing process; we’re getting to know Him better … that’s why I’d still to do it. Well I hope I would.

    Great contemplation, Morgan.

    1. Ian, that is such a good question! (and now I’ll be pondering that one for the next month ;). One thing I know is through my writing, I have come to know God’s love and grace more as I write about it through fictional characters. Writing has opened my eyes to the hurting people around me. And if that’s all I ever get from writing, then that is enough. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Such a good question, Morgan. I can think of those one or two people whom I have actually been able to delight with my writing who have taken the time to tell me so. It makes you realize that, yes. For that one person, I will write. Thank you for reminding me.

  4. The concept for my WIP originated about 20 years ago with a brief writing effort at the beginning, a couple of false starts then a more intense effort about 5 years ago. It began and exists as a burden from God about what my children and grandchildren will face in their lifetimes.

    When I accept the burden and write I always feel closer to God. In fact it is the only time I really feel close to Him. But discouragement sets in and I decide my time could best be used elsewhere. The only problem with that is it never is and I lose the intimacy with my Father.

    I used to ask the question who would read a book I wrote but this time around I’ve taken a different approach. There is a story I want to write, there is a burden to write it and I could use that closer walk with the Father. Therefore I want to produce a publishable book whether it’s published or not that someday (perhaps after I’m gone) my children and grandchildren may read.

  5. It’s like I’m the person you are talking to, I have been writing but it seems no one is interested in my work, its like I’m wasting my time, but what I just read here has given me more strength. Thank you

  6. I get what you are saying. I started writing about four or five years ago, and found the I enjoy it. Not published.
    Right now my writing is a hobby. Thoughts often go through my head, wondering who in the world would want to read what I write? Is it really worth it?
    I agree with you. If you are doing it for God, it’s worth it. Doesn’t matter how many folks read it. Or if no one reads it. Who knows; maybe what I have written will be found and might help someone after the rapture.

  7. Well, if it helps I’ve purchased all 4 of the books you’ve written, the word trilogy twice in fact, paperback and Kindle. I also shared them with my mom, and we both enjoyed them. I was checking to see if Tainted had a sequel coming soon before reading it, and stumbled accross the blog post here.

  8. Hello Morgan!😃 I came to your blog because I’ve read all 3 of your books in the Follower of the Word series! I cannot say how glad I am that I came upon your writings. I am encouraged as a believer in the stories you shared, and not only simply encouraged in my walk, but also encouraged to go all out for Christ by reaching out to others and pointing them to Him with everything I have: My skills, work, abilities… . You are an amazing writer and I wish we could talk. I wish I could ask you tons of questions. Thank you for writing. Thank you for trusting in Him.😊

    1. Wow, thanks! I’m so glad I could encourage you! That has always been my hope with my writing: that it would bring the reader one step closer to God and ignite a love in their heart for other people. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your encouraging words 😃

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