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The Sunken Realm

The Sunken RealmThe Sunken Realm by Serena Chase continues where The Seahorse Legacy left off. For a quick recap, these two books are the second half to the Eyes of E’veria series and the story centers around Cazien (pirate, scoundrel, and heir to the Seahorse Legacy) and Eirelle (ex-knight). To read my reviews on the previous book in this series, click here: Eyes of E’veria

The Seahorse Legacy left off on a major cliffhanger. Cazien, in order to preserve the Seahorse Legacy, a legacy that gives him power over the sea and the ability to protect mankind, is threatened when a prophecy surfaces that states that he must marry the Oracle’s Daughter (Eirelle) or risk losing everything. Being a pirate and stubborn, he refuses to let a prophecy dictate his life. Unfortunately, his choice leads to Eirelle being captured and beaten almost to death before he realizes he needs to fulfill the words of his ancestors. So Cazien finds Eirelle and marries her.

Unfortunately for Eirelle, she never knew about the prophecy and in a medicinal and pain induced haze, she agrees to marry Cazien, only to wake up later and not remember the event.

This is where The Sunken Realm begins.

I’ve waited over a year to find out what happens next in this series and Serena does not disappoint. The love between pirate and ex-knight grows as they learn what it means to cherish each other and appreciate one another’s strength. Together, they are better than when apart. And together they must search for the hundreds of children who have been kidnapped along the seacoast before the children are used and disposed of.

Pirates, awesome arena fight scenes, intrigue, and true love. What more could you ask for? 🙂

I highly recommend this entire fantasy series to pre-teens and up. Here is a link where you can purchase the series: http://www.amazon.com


New Cover Reveal for The Seahorse Legacy

I am really excited to share the new cover for The Seahorse Legacy! This is one of my favorite books and I am eagerly anticipating the final book, The Sunken Realms, coming this summer 🙂 If you want to read my review of The Seahorse Legacy, click here: The Seahorse Legacy. And don’t forget to continue on with this post to enter for a chance to win some fantabulous prizes including an amazon giftcard!


a Pirate, bound by a centuries-old oath 

As Keeper of the Seahorse Legacy, Cazien de Pollis is a King among pirates, divinely appointed to dispense justice on the seas. Bound by the sacred oath of a long-dead ancestor, he must fulfill a contract to wed the green-eyed Oracle’s Daughter named therein—or risk losing everything he and his people hold dear. But at nineteen, with the identity of his betrothed only recently revealed, Cazien resents the contract—and the urgency within him to see it satisfied.

a Knight, determined to prove her calling

Erielle de Gladiel returned from the quest for the Remedy, changed. Not only are her formerly-blue eyes now a brilliant shade of green, but she must don gloves to hide inky evidence that her prophetically-bestowed title, the Oracle’s Daughter, demands more from her than the task already completed. Erielle’s dearest-held dream is realized when she is knighted by her King, but unbeknownst to her, that very honor jeopardizes the prophesied purpose to which she and Cazien have been called.

a Legacy, demanding surrender

Just as Cazien summons the courage to collect his bride, dark rumors and darker deeds crawl up the coasts, calling its guardians, the Seahorse Pirates, into action—and Cazien away from Erielle. But even though the Oracle’s Daughter knows nothing of the contract to which she has been consigned, Cazien’s enemies have somehow learned of his interest in Erielle. And if they reach her before his ancestor’s weighty oath is executed, the Seahorse Legacy will be forfeited . . . and darkness will be given reign.

The third book in this series-within-a series, The Seahorse Legacy begins an epic re-imagining of several fairy tales, combined–including an unexpected twist on The Twelve Dancing Princesses. This romantic adventure will conclude in Eyes of E’veria, Book 4: The Sunken Realm, coming late Summer 2015.

And now for the cover!

The Seahorse Legacy

And for the prize: The prize package includes:

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Blog Hop: The Seahorse Legacy

The Seahorse Legacy

Hi everyone! Today I have the pleasure of participating in The Seahorse Legacy blog hop. The Seahorse Legacy is the third book in the Eyes of E’veria series, but it is the first book in a mini series within the series.

Let me say this: I really enjoyed this book. It is a pirate fantasy with a young lady knight thrown in. Curious? Just read my review below and don’t forget to enter both raffles for a chance to win books and pirate prizes!


The Seahorse LegacyCazien is the captain of the Seahorse Pirates and holder of his family’s Legacy, a legacy that gives him special abilities linked to the sea and binds him to a secret oath, one that chose his bride for him hundreds of years before he was born. Of course, being a pirate, he doesn’t like to be told what to do, or in this case, who to marry.

Eirelle is the first woman to ever be knighted in Everia, an honor she has desired ever since she was a child. But little does she know her allegiance is owed to another country, one bound by marriage: her marriage.

Everything is at stake for Cazien. He must woo and wed Eirelle (or just grab her and run) in order to fulfill his family’s oath. If he doesn’t wed her, not only will he lose his abilities through the seahorse legacy, the people of his island country will be captured and all of Everia will be at risk.

But how do you get a pirate to do what he doesn’t want to do?

I loved The Seahorse Legacy. I also loved Serena’s first two books (check out my reviews here: The Ryn and The Remedy), but I have to say I liked this one a little more. What can I say? I’m more of a pirate lover than a knight lover :). Both Cazien and Erielle are mixed characters: good, but flawed. And I liked that.

I also loved the connection Cazien has with the sea. As a sea-loving woman, I would love to have his abilities, or to even sail on his ship.

This is the first book in a two book series, so it does end without everything resolved. But that only makes me want the next book now!


Here are the links to The Seahorse Legacy:



And don’t forget to enter both raffles for a chance to win The Seahorse Legacy and other prizes!

Rafflecopter giveaway
Rafflecopter giveaway

Book Review: The Remedy (Eyes of E’veria, Book 2)

The Remedy by Serena ChaseThe Remedy picks up where The Ryn leaves off (click to read my review of The Ryn).  In The Ryn, Rynnaia , the main character, finds out she is actually the long thought dead princess of the Kingdom. She was hidden at birth because she is the fulfillment of a prophecy that predicts she will free and heal her people from the Cobelds. Healing for those affected by the Cobelds’ curse will come from a hidden remedy, one that Rynnaia must find (hence the title of the second book, The Remedy).

I enjoyed this second installment by Serena Chase. Her writing style and story reminds me a lot of Jill Williamson and her Blood of Kings trilogy. Knights, quests, magical items, romance, and adventure. The usual fantasy fare with a unique twist.

Rose is a strong, likable heroine. She is determined to help her people, but at the age of 19 is still finding her own way in the world. Serena does a good job balancing the responsibilities and growing maturity of a young woman in Rose’s position: not too juvenile but also not seeming to know it all either.

If you enjoy high fantasy and are looking for a new series to start, I recommend The Ryn and The Remedy.

Book Review: The Ryn (Eyes of E’veria, Book 1)

The Ryn is a cross between a fantasy and a fairytale retelling. It centers on a young woman who grows up not knowing who her real family is, only to discover she is the Ryn, the long thought dead daughter of the king.

As Rose discovers who she is, she also learns she possesses telepathic-like powers, the power to hear the thoughts of others. But there are those who do not want the Ryn (Rose) to live, who tried to kill her as a baby and are now hunting her down. For she is the one from the prophecy who will finally defeat them and bring peace to the lands.

I enjoyed The Ryn. I love fantasy and especially anything like a fairytale retelling. The story and writing style reminded me of Jill Williamson‘s Blood of King Trilogy and Melanie Dickerson’s fairytale novels. You have the usual young person learning she is more than she thought, that she is the only one who can stop the encroaching evil, and possesses an amazing power. But what makes The Ryn unique is the world and the magic system.

There are storytellers who don’t just tell stories, but have a magical ability to bring the stories alive (imagine smoke and white sand forming characters in the story, coming forth from the storyteller’s hands). Great forests, a magical island, books that when you read them, you are drawn into the words and actually meet the writer (this is one of Rose’s unique abilities). Chivalrous knights, pirates, and a group of people with telepathic abilities.

The one thing I did notice is there are not a lot of battles or fight scenes. This first book seems to center more around Rose discovering who she is and growing in her power. But I suspect there will be more action in the following books.

Overall, if you enjoy fantasy, then I recommend this book 🙂

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