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Book Review: A Greater Strength

A Greater Strength by Rebecca P. Minor is the second installment in the Windrider Saga, following the first book, Divine Summons (click to read my review).

In this second book, Vinyanel, the lead male elf character, is put in charge of finding five missing talismans. These talismans are important because one cannot enter the elf city of Delsinon without one. And if a talisman were to fall into the hands of an enemy, it could be disastrous.

Vinyanel is joined on this mission by the half elf/half human prophetess Veranna, his dragon Majestrin, two other elves and a captured assassin. The rest of the windrider group is made up of a winged lion, griffon, and a pegasus. I liked how the windriders are not all dragons.

I felt the characters were deepened in this second book. Yes, there is still a lot of action and fighting, but if given the choice, I’m more into characters, and this time there is more character development. That brought me further into the story.

A Greater Strength is written along the lines of traditional fantasy filled with elves, dragons, gnomes, and unique places. If that is the type of stories you enjoy, then I definitely recommend this book.

*The first cover shown is actually for the entire Windrider series in hardcopy form. I read the series in ebook form, cover to the right.

Book Review: Divine Summons

Elves and dragons. I don’t think you can get any more fantasy than that. Divine Summons by Rebecca P. Minor is the first book in a series she first wrote for the ezine Digital Dragons. The story follows a military captain of the Elven Nation. A sacred relic of the elves is stolen. And Vinyanel Ecleriast must find it.

During his journey he comes across a half-elven priestess of Creo and a dragon. Creo has chose Vinyanel to become the first windrider, a rider of dragons. Between exchanging snarky words with the priestess Veranna and learning to ride Majestrin, Vinyanel has his work cut out for him. Lucky for him, Creo holds his destiny in his hand.

I’m not very fond of books written in first person, especially from the male point of view (nothing against men!). However, I really enjoyed Divine Summons. I liked Vinyanel. He’s a no nonsense, get the job done kind of elf. But he still has a lot to learn, including some humility. Veranna got on my nerves a bit, but I wonder if that’s because I was seeing her through Vinyanel’s eyes (she got on his nerves too).

I like how Rebecca created Majestrin to be uniquely different than most dragons I read about. Instead of breathing fire, he breaths ice. Very cool!

Overall, if you enjoy traditional fantasy stories, I recommend Divine Summons. And after you read that, check out the next in the series, A Greater Strength.

To find out more about Becky P. Minor, visit her website at http://callofthecreator.blogspot.com/