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You’re Not Going to Please Everyone

I had a handful of reviews come in a couple weeks ago and every single reviewer did not like my books. Ouch! Some stated why, others were left blank with less than stellar stars. What is a writer to do with reviews like these?

For a while, I walked around the house with their words bouncing around in my head. Should I have…? What if I had…? Or maybe I’m really that bad.

Then I looked up and realized something: I’m not going to please everyone. The moment I admitted that to myself, a huge load was lifted from my shoulders. Let’s face it, that is the truth. No one can please everyone. There are going to be people who don’t resonate with my story, or don’t like my writing voice, or my characters, or my descriptions, or fill-in-the-blank. That’s just life.

So what do I do? I keep writing. I have a unique voice that I’ve tried to change in the past and it didn’t work (check out my blog post Surprised By My Own Voice). I like my voice, it is who I am. It just might not resonate with others.

I will continue to write stories that I love. If I don’t love the story, it will be hard to come to my computer and write it each day for the next year.

I have been blessed to work with editors I respect and agree with. There are many editors out there with different ideas on how a story should be written. Because of that, what I write and how it is edited will not be as appealing to those who come from other schools of thought. And that’s okay.

Writing is one way I worship God. I wrestle with themes, questions, and ideas and ultimately create a story that I give back to God. Through every story I write, I am reminded of who God is, how much He loves me, and there is a reason I am here on this earth. Even if no one else picked up my book and read it, I would have joy in simply giving my story to God much in the same way a child draws a picture and gives it to her papa.

I’m not going to please everyone. I need to remember that. But that’s not my job anyway. My job is to write the best story I can and pour my soul into it. That is what I can control and will continue to do.

How about you? Do you sometimes get caught up in wanting to please everyone and feel depressed if you don’t? How do you overcome that?