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Moving On

Today was our last day at our current church. During this next week, we will be moving halfway across the country to California and starting a brand new life and a brand new ministry. A friend today summed exactly how I am feeling right now: caught in midair between two cliffs.

We’ve just jumped and let go of our life here in Kansas, but we haven’t quite grabbed a hold of our new life in California. So we are in midair, praying we land on the other side. Or, as my son said later, we are at the top of a roller coaster and just starting the descendant and have that feeling of weightlessness in our middle (by the way, I hate roller coasters and that feeling, but it fits how I am feeling right now).

We are excited to start our new adventure, but will miss a lot of the people God brought into our lives here. It is a bittersweet feeling. But as another friend said during our good-bye potluck, we’re not really saying good-bye. For Christians, there are no permanent good-byes, just long time-intervals until we see each other again, most likely in a better place.

I like that idea.

In the meantime, I will enjoy these delicious cinnamon rolls given to us by a wonderful lady from our Kansas church. Cinnamon rolls help with weightlessness, right? 😉