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Things You may not know about Me

People are fascinating. Behind the face are stories that you would never guess: places they have been, things they have experienced, interesting tidbits about their family. I thought that it would be fun today to share seven things you might not know about me. And it might explain why I am the way I am.

1)   I was in a beauty pageant. Yep. Me 😉 Now before you get any ideas that I’m that kind of person, I entered because there was a scholarship attached. I had no desire to go prancing around in high heels and talk about world peace. But since I had to earn my way to college, I would do almost anything to get a scholarship.

So this is how it happened: two teachers cornered me. They said I should enter the Lilac princess competition. I said no way. But after consideration, I figured there was no way I would make it to the final round. I wasn’t one of the popular girls at school. So most likely I would be voted out during the all school voting. To my surprise, I was voted into the finals.

I had to learn how to wear high heels, cross my ankles, walk a certain way, and give speeches. In the end, I did not win. But it was quite an experience!

2)   And speaking of shoes, this leads into my next disclosure: I wore tennis shoes under my wedding dress. No, it wasn’t so I could make a quick getaway if I needed one. It was because I really don’t like fancy shoes.

So instead of enduring pain by wearing shoes no one would ever see under my wedding dress, I bought a pair of all white tennis shoes, glued silver glitter all over them and replaced the strings with lace. Much more comfortable than high heels ;). My daughters found my shoes a year ago and asked about them. I told them they were my wedding shoes. They were impressed.

3)   I worked as a janitor to pay my way through college. I guess that’s why I’m good at cleaning bathrooms :).

4)   I have been to Europe… twice. I love the European culture and people. I love visiting places that date back to the roman times (something you can’t find here on this side of the ocean). Oh yes, and I climbed the Eiffel Tower just so I could say I did.

5)   I have moved every 1-2 years my entire life. Except in high school. That was the only time I stayed in one place for longer period of time (sometimes I wonder if I’m in the military).

6)   I come from a big family. My grandfather was one of 15, my dad was one of 8, my grandma was one of 10. And I have almost 30 first cousins the last time I counted :).

7)   I used to be a raider. Not in the ark sense, but in the gaming sense. I was the main tank healer for a 10 man raid group. Good times, fun people. But now my free time is taken up by writing and marketing.


So now you know a little bit more about me. How about you? What is an interesting fact about you?