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Author Savenger Hunt

Author Scavenger HuntHi! Welcome to the Author Scavenger Hunt :). As part of the hunt, I have a couple things going here. First, a wonderful post by Rachel Starr Thomson. Second, the next part of the clue you need to continue on with your hunt. And third, a chance to win an ebook copy of Kerry Nietz’s Amish Vampires in Space.

To begin, here is Rachel Starr Thomson.

Rachel Starr ThomsonRachel Starr Thomson is a writer, indie publisher, and editor. She’s the author of the Seventh World Trilogy, The Oneness Cycle, and other books published by Little Dozen Press.

Rachel is a homeschool graduate, a dweller in southern Canada, a lover of long walks, good books, and hot tea, and a counter-cultural revolutionary who thinks we’d all be much better off if we pitched our television sets out the nearest window.

And here is her guest post


God on Paper

Reading and writing are incredibly natural to the Christian life.

Ours is a God who wrote a book; we are, famously, “people of the book.” So it only makes sense that Christians should be people who read, read deeply, and communicate their faith and the life they have in Christ through writing. For me this has been a journey.

As I kid, I read voraciously, and indiscriminately (I was homeschooled, and I like to say my parents educated me by teaching me to read and pointing me at the library). When I got serious about following Jesus, for a time I dropped reading almost entirely, and writing along with it, as I recalibrated my lifestyle.

Eventually I realized that reading had added an intellectual, spiritual, and emotional dimension to my life that was beneficial as a disciple and that I had stripped that out by dropping books. So I began to read again, more deliberately this time, actually setting aside significant time every day for devotional reading and making more time for fiction as well.

I also rediscovered my gift and calling as a writer. When I was young and first beginning to write, my dreams of “making it” were pretty self-aggrandizing, so I tended to see writing as self-indulgent and maybe not very Christian. Two things combined to change my perspective on that: first, that I ended up with a lot of time on my hands and writing was something productive to do that made use of a gift God had, after all, given me; and second, that people began to tell me God had spoken to them or touched them through my writing. That still happens and never ceases to amaze me—startle me, even. It happens so much that even though I now have very little extra time in my days, I’m learning to make writing a priority. It’s one of the most fruitful things I do.

The real challenge of discipleship, I think, is not dropping our day-to-day lives and our natural gifts and trotting off to a mission field or pulpit somewhere. Rather, it’s inviting Jesus into the lives we live, the gifts we have, and the jobs we do, and letting him teach us how to do them the way he would. Just as Jesus was the best (and uncanniest) fisherman Peter and John had ever met, so he is the best writer I will ever find, and the best teacher of writing. He is the master of words. And he delights to use them.

I’m currently in a season of writing a lot with the intent of going full-time. That makes reading more important than ever as well. Writing and reading are spiritual disciplines for me: they involve setting aside more pressing demands and things that pay better (and faster) and pressing in because of God’s calling. I seek God in books, and I seek to show him through my writing. I ask him into my reading time and I ask him into my stories. That he comes is a powerful and marvelous thing.

My current project is The Oneness Cycle, a contemporary fantasy series that tackles subjects like prayer, spiritual warfare, unity in the Spirit, and forgiveness in ways that I hope will bring them into sharp relief. A friend of mine calls the series “the Christian life on steroids.” The first book, EXILE, is free for your e-book reader from Amazon and elsewhere, or you can pick it up in paperback.

(Books 2-4, HIVE, ATTACK, and RENEGADE, are also available in e-book and coming soon in paperback.)


Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your writing journey. Writing has brought me closer to God as well :).

And now for all you readers who are on the hunt, here is your next clue: to thank you,

Now that you have your clue, you can continue on to Rachel’s blog and your next clue (Click HERE). If you get lost during the course of the hunt or you’ve finished collecting all the clues you can go HERE to enter the full mystery phrase and bring your scavenger hunt to a close. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about all the amazing books and authors on the tour and hopefully you’ve entered the many giveaways on their sites.

Amish Vampires in SpaceAnd speaking of giveaways, if you want to enter the giveaway for Kerry Nietz’s Amish Vampires in Space, click on the link provided! Rafflecopter Giveaway


Fantasy and Science Fiction Reads

During the month of October I have been celebrating anything and everything speculative. And it wouldn’t be complete without sharing some of my favorite books or books I am looking forward to reading. So if you are looking for a nice, cozy book to curl up with this winter, check out some of my suggestions 🙂


The RynThe Ryn by Serena Chase. The story is your typical young person finds out they are royalty, but I love how Serena puts a unique twist on this by giving Rose (who later finds out she is the Ryn, the future savior of her people) the ability to hear other people’s thoughts. That and Rose has red hair (I love red hair!). To read my complete review of The Ryn, click here. To find out more about The Ryn, click here.



In Darkness HidThe Blood of the Kings series by Jill Williamson. Another fantasy with people who can hear minds. This three book series is a two time Christy awarding series (along with multiple other awards) and just plain good. To find out more about In Darkness Hid (the first book) click here.




daugher_of_light_lgAnd of course, my own fantasy series. The Follower of the Word series centers around Rowen, a young woman who discovers a mark on her hand, a mark that allows her to see inside the human soul. There are those who are terrified of her power, and so banish her. And then there are those who wish to possess that power and search all the Lands for Rowen, the last Truthsayer. To find out more about the first book in the series, Daughter of Light, click here.



I love steampunk: the gadgets, the historical flavor, the meshing of fantasy and technology. So of course I need to add some steampunks to my list!

CrosswindCrosswind by Steve Rzasa. The Stark brothers live in a western steampunk world filled with aeroplanes and trains, and lots of adventure! Click here to find out more.




Armored HeartsArmored Hearts by Pauline Creeden and Melissa Turner Lee. When a crippled young lord rescues a girl falling from a tree, it reveals a secret about himself and his mother’s side of the family that could put him at the center of a war with beings he thought only existed in fairy tales. Click here to find out more.




Science Fiction:
A Star Curiously SingingA Star Curiously Singing by Kerry Nietz. In the future, Earth is ruled by Sharia law. Follow Sandfly, a debugger and a slave, who goes to a space station to fix a robot for his masters, a robot that has went mad. But little does he know his life is about to change. To read my full review, click here. And to find out more about the book, click here.



Fairytale Retellings:
The Healer's ApprenticeMelanie Dickerson has written many great fairytale retellings, minus the magic. In other words, what if the story really happened hundreds of years ago in our world? I love her stories and you will to. You can start with any of them, there is no particular order. So I will point you to the first one she wrote: The Healer’s Apprentice (a retelling of Sleeping Beauty). Click here for my full review and here to find the book. Bonus! All her ebooks are currently on sale on Amazon 🙂



Medieval Mythology:
IHeartless wasn’t sure how to categorize these last books until I saw someone else label it as myth. Yes, myth, but more like celtic or some other medieval myth, not Roman or Greek. Anne Elizabeth Stengl writes some amazing stories filled with dragons, princesses, elves, and trolls. Generally, I get tired of the same fantasy trope characters, but Anne breathes fresh air into these stories. They are truly unique and some of my favorites. The first book in her Tales of Goldstone Woods is Heartless. Click here to find out more.



Just Plain Strange:

Amish Vampires in SpaceYes, that is the category I would put this book in (all puns intended). Amish Vampires in Space by Kerry Nietz is just that: Amish vampires in space. But less you think this book is a spoof, I personally know Kerry has taken the time to really flesh out the Amish culture and ask what would happen in the future with this group of people? How would they live, what would their lives be like if there was planet colonization and space travel? And the vampire part, more science than horror. Really, you need to check it out. Click here.


I wish I had more time and space to list out more of my favorite books, or books on my reading list, but then you would be sitting here reading this blog instead of out searching for your next book. So go forth, my friends, and read!

And please leave a comment and tell me what your latest favorite fantasy or science fiction is 🙂