Behind the Quote: Cry of the Raven


Wife. Warrior. Lady of Two Worlds.

Lady Selene Ravenwood has come into her full power as a dreamwalker just as the war with the Dominia Empire begins. Working with the other Great Houses, Selene and Damien use their gifts to secure the borders and save those devastated by the war. But conflict, betrayal, and hatred begin to spread between the Great Houses, destroying their unity as the empire burns a path across their lands. At the same time, Damien Maris starts to lose his ability to raise the waters, leaving the lands vulnerable to the empire’s attacks.

The only one who can unite the houses and restore her husband’s power is Selene Ravenwood. But it will require that she open her heart to those who have hurt her and let go of her past, despite the one who hunts her and will do anything to stop her power.

Will Selene survive? Or is she destined to fall like the dreamwalkers before her?

I love the tagline above: Wife. Warrior. This series is a story about a married couple and how together they are stronger than they are alone.

Damien Quote

This is one of my favorite quotes from Cry of the Raven. A quick recap of the series, after choosing to spare Damien’s life, Selene is on the run for her own life. In order to save her and bring her into his kingdom, Damien offers her marriage. It is one of convenience (or more, salvation), but as the story progresses, both Damien and Selene learn what love is and how to love each other.

I always wanted to write a story with a marriage between the main characters. But I never thought that my own marriage would come into play in the books, or that some of the key scenes would reflect my own life. For an example, let me share with you the story behind the quote above.

I’m a pastor’s wife. Our journey and the various ministries God has taken us through have not been easy. Part of that journey has been multiple moves. At this point I’ve lived in eight different states and for the last ten years we’ve moved into a different house every year (sometimes due to moving to a new city, sometimes because our landlord decided to sell the house we were renting). We also have four kids, two dogs, and a cat, so continually uprooting has always been hard (not to mention packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking, finding a new grocery store, finding new doctors, and making new friends). But I’ve known this is the path God has laid out for my husband and our family, so I’ve always rolled up my sleeves and followed.

Until two years ago.

We had just bought a house (first one after losing our other house ten years ago), and I was so excited to settle down. I hung up pictures (I don’t know when’s the last time I did that), I planted flowers, and I started making long-term plans. After all, we just bought a house, we weren’t really going to move again, right?

Then while walking our dogs one day, my husband shared that it looked like we might be moving again.

I was in shock. For three days I couldn’t even think. Mind you, I had just finished unpacking and was in the current joy of feeling like we were finally going to stay in one place and raise our family.

Shock turned to anger, then grief, then denial. Every hurt I had ever experienced in ministry came bubbling to the surface, every fear, every tear I had ever cried. And I was tired. So tired. During those following days, the very thought of packing again, and now having to sell a house to boot, made me feel physically ill. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it again. During those darker moments, I thought about just staying put and letting my husband move on without me. I was done. I couldn’t do it anymore. But I also knew that such thoughts would limit me. The more I prayed and thought about it, the more I knew God was moving us again.

Finally, after a day of sobbing, with everything inside of me spilling out, I apologized to my husband. I told him I couldn’t seem to stop all the hurt and fear from coming out. Instead of reprimanding me or just telling me it was okay, this is what he told me:

I’m a rock, and you can crash against me as much as you need to. I won’t move, I won’t leave you. I’ll be here for you because I love you.

I needed to hear that. Badly. I needed to know that no matter what, with all the crying and words coming out of me, they were not going to drive my husband away. I was hurricane, and instead of sending him running for cover, he stood and held me, and understood the storm would pass. He knew that at this moment I needed a rock that wouldn’t move, no matter what I said.

Slowly, as the weeks went by, and as I prayed on my knees every day, God prepared me for our next journey. I got up and I prepared to move our family again. I stayed back and sold our house. And I’m so glad that I didn’t give in to myself and stay behind because I love where we are at now. But I couldn’t have done it if my husband hadn’t told me those words. He was an example of God to me. He understood my pain and fear, and held steadfast to our love, giving me the space to work through what I was feeling.

In Cry of the Raven, Selene has her own crisis where she isn’t sure if she can keep on going. And it causes her to fight with Damien. But then he shares those same words with her, that he won’t leave her. Words that she needs to hear. And later on in the book, when he can’t keep on going, she is able to be his strength. Because that’s what marriage is about. Being there for each other. Helping each other. Being strong when the other is weak, and vice versa. That together you can face so much more than you could alone.

This is what I wanted to share through my story: a picture of marriage. I just never thought I’d quote my husband in my book 🙂

To find out more about The Ravenwood Saga or purchase the books, click here.

118 thoughts on “Behind the Quote: Cry of the Raven”

  1. I read a lot of books in a month so can’t spend a lot on a story – I pay more for your stories that the limit that I’ve set for myself! So good! Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Kim

  2. Wow Morgan thank you for your vulnerability. What a story you have. I would also be feeling the way you were. I would have spewed as well. I am glad you were able to get to the other side. Thank goodness Dan was sensitive to give you the words you needed.
    I know I have said it before, I wish I had gotten to know you better when you and Dan were in Hillsboro.

  3. I love this! I always wondered if Damien and Selene’s relationship was inspired by any of your own experiences 😃

  4. Such a beautiful moment, Morgan! Thank you so much for being transparent about ministry and marriage and writing this beautiful and real post! As a woman married to a camp director, I truly appreciate this. So so much!

  5. Thank you for sharing your story! I could so relate to how hard that must be. I moved 4 times in 3 years and I am not sure we are here to stay either. . .But I love how you turned to God and how your husband loved you in the midst. It was so encouraging to me.

    1. Congratulations! You’re the winner of my book giveaway! I contacted you via your instagram account, but if you see this message, you can email me so I can get your book in the mail! Hurray!

  6. Thank you, for sharing your story I cried a little such a loving story. I hope you will write another story with a married couple. The world needs more married people in fantasy.

  7. That is quite a story! I am a pastor’s wife , too. And a former Navy wife and student’s wife. Although we have never owned a house, I most of the time did not have a say in the houses we had for parsonages or base housing or student housing, etc. We are now retired and have hut the 50 year mark of marriage! We did survive!
    Blessings to you and your family!

  8. This series was…excellent. I’m sad to let the characters go. I’m not entering the giveaway as I have all of the books in the series. I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am that you’ve used your gifts to shine light through your stories. I want to check out The Soul Chronicles next!

  9. I can totally relate! I am 23 and have lived in 8 states and two countries and while in college, I had to move in and out of the door every year and move back in the following, and then in the midst of that, my family moved twice (to different states!). It can be a lot! I usually don’t read Victorian Fantasy, but I have added it to the top of my wishlist of books to buy! I am excited to dive into the series! Thank you for being so vulnerable and willing to listen to God and your husband. His plans are always greater than our own! 🙂

  10. Oh, my gosh! Thank you so much, Ms. Morgan for sharing your story! I had instantly fallen in love with the story of marriage between Damien and Selene, especially in “Flight of the Raven”. You don’t see much of that in fiction. Reading your experience— the struggles of moving, of being “seperated” from your husband for a short time and how God helped you through it all nearly moved me to tears! Best of all, it encouraged me in my own struggles of life, of how God of Hope is holding me through storms and droughts, that He is still in control.

    I LOVE how your own story of marriage is interwoven in The Ravenwood Saga, which truly makes your books all the more beautiful!

  11. Oh, my gosh! Thank you so much, Ms. Morgan for sharing your story! I had instantly fallen in love with the story of marriage between Damien and Selene, especially in “Flight of the Raven”. You don’t see much of that in fiction. Reading your experience— the struggles of moving, of being “seperated” from your husband for a short time and how God helped you through it all nearly moved me to tears! Best of all, it encouraged me in my own struggles of life, of how God of Hope is holding me through storms and droughts, that He is still in control.

    I LOVE how your own story of marriage is interwoven in The Ravenwood Saga, which truly makes your books all the more beautiful!

  12. My husband is a pastor also, and we are 6 months into a new ministry after a devastating experience. I’m still trying to recover and find a new normal. Thanks for sharing. I will look into your books- you are a new-to-me author. Blessings to you.

  13. I feel like others have already said what is on my heart. And yet, why not say it again? Every author longs to know their stories are touching people.

    The Ravenwood Saga has done so much for me. Personal things. I can’t ever express how much I love these books, characters, world, and the heart of the story. It’s encouraged me and strengthened me.

    The fact that your own personal struggles and victories are interwoven within this series and inside these characters makes me want to scream in excitement. I love your writing so very much. *all the hearts*

    I so badly long for Selene and Damien to be real, because I connect with them so much!!! The perfect marriage angles (it’s not just beautiful romance and pretty words…but a real raw relationship. They’re human, yet they strive every day to love the best they are able.) Now that desire of meeting them has blossomed into a need to meet you. So, I hope I can meet you face to face one day.

    I pray for blessings on your writing journey.

  14. I am very grateful for this scavenger hunt… without it I would not have discovered your books or read your amazing tribute to your husband. That IS what marriage should be. Thank you.

  15. I love that the main characters are married! I am betrothed to a pastor & this is soooo relatable in so many ways!

  16. Your husband’s words to you during that painful time are so sweet, moving and encouraging. I love how you used those same words through Damien in “Cry of the Raven.”

  17. What a wonderful article. I just purchased the first book and am loving it. Thank you for such a wonderful series.

  18. Thanks for sharing your story with us! I’m just learning about your books. I love the idea of dreamwalking in the Ravenwood Saga.

  19. Thanks so much for the chance to win! I loved the first two books, and I’m currently rereading book 2 so I can remember all the details for Cry of the Raven! I know my school library would love to have a copy of one of these!

  20. I haven’t read any of your books, but after about your book above, I will be buying some today!

  21. What a beautiful story-behind-the-story! ❤ I've been loving the Ravenwood Saga and can't wait to get my hands on the final book.

  22. These stories remind me of a story idea I have. I am excited to read these adventures. Thanks for being part of the hunt!

  23. What a beautiful quote, and I love the story behind it. Thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to read this series!

  24. Sounds very interesting and love your hero’s name, my son is also named Damein. Thanks for participating and look forward to reading your books. 🙂

  25. Thank you for sharing your story, Morgan! I have the first book in the The Ravenwood Saga. Thank you for the chance to win one of the other two books in this series!!

  26. Thanks for the chance to win one of your novels! I absolutely loved Mark of the Raven! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

  27. Wow, this moved me to tears. As a missionary kid, our constant moves were adventurous to me. However, as the years went by, I watched my mom have breakdowns. She didn’t want to vent with church members so that she would keep it all in. So she’d lay a heap at my dad. My dad is patient. I can’t say I remember much of what he said, but he would listen even if things didn’t go her way. Pastor’s wives carry a huge burden that sometimes people don’t realize. I pray God carries you through your many new journeys that may lay ahead.
    P.S. I love that picture of you two with big smiles. Hold on to good memories ❤️.

  28. Thanks for being apart of the scavenger hunt! Can’t wait to read one of your novels. Thanks for your honesty and laying your heart in your blog. Will be praying as you settle in this new town. Blessings!

  29. I can think of several who would be interested in these titles. As a K-12 Christian school librarian and book reviewer, I’m always looking for a wide variety of genre to share. Thanks for participating in the giveaway.

  30. I love fantasy books and look forward to reading your series. I signed up for your newsletter so that I can keep up with your writing. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  31. I’m looking forward to reading Cry of the Raven; the first two books were excellent! And I want to know what happens next!!

  32. Your husband’s words brought me to tears. Praise God for the faithfulness He shows us and that you two display. Thank you.

  33. What a beautiful testament of your love and of God’s goodness & faithfulness! Thanks for being part of the scavenger hunt!

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