CSFF Blog Tour-Night of the Living Dead Christian, Day 2

I love the humor used in Night of the Living Dead Christian. Humor is a powerful tool. It can disarm the reader, making one chuckle or laugh out loud, and then a second later, grow sober and realize a good point has been made.

Through the story, we follow a werewolf. In reality, he is a man with a troubled past and a problem with anger (major problem). But by turning him into a werewolf, Matt puts a light touch on a dark subject. On the outside, we see the werewolf. He grows hair and claws when he loses his temper. But on the inside, he is just like us: beastly and scary. And is willing to do anything to get rid of the beast within and become a man again.

Of course, not everyone is a werewolf. There are vampires, zombies, mad scientists, androids, you name it. Each one is a monster. Most of them realize this. And want to be human again.

I laughed when I read about the church filled with zombies. They did everything the pastor told them to. They had their study bibles, their podcasts, and their commentaries. The problem was, they never thought for themselves.

As I read that chapter, a part of me pointed and said, “You know these people in real life. In fact, you were once one of them.” That realization made me sad.

I also laughed at the comments the android would say. He was more about logic and calculations that he was about a person’s feelings. But I also knew that some of his comments could have come right out of my mouth.

By using humor, Matt drew me in as a reader. And then held a mirror up for me to see myself. I love books like that :). Tomorrow, I will take a look at the Spiritual Factor of Night of the Living Dead Christian.



6 thoughts on “CSFF Blog Tour-Night of the Living Dead Christian, Day 2”

  1. Matt’s humor is definitely one of the things I enjoy in his books. It is disarming, and amazingly, to me anyway, he can address spiritual matters with humor and do so reverently.

    Good thoughts as always, Morgan.


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