The Things We Do for Love

I was struck the other day how many things we do for love. Now I’m not talking about heart pounding, hands clammy infatuation. What I’m talking about is true love. Everyday love. The kind that shows up in little ways.

For example, I love my pets. I have two dogs, two longhaired guinea pigs, and a cat. There are things that they cannot do for themselves, so I do it for them. Like cleaning out the cat box. It’s a messy, stinky job, but someone has to do it. And I love my cat, so I do it without complaint.

Same with my little guys (aka guinea pigs). They are stuck in a cage and depend on me for food, water, and a clean place to live. I love those little fuzzballs so much that I have no problem doing that for them (ask my husband, you won’t find 2 more loved pigs in this world that Butterscotch and Vanilla :)).

I also love my kids. I have changed more diapers, wiped more bums and noses, and held a bowl beneath queasy tummies than I can count. But it is a labor of love. I give my time to hear their stories, laugh at their jokes, and play video games. I give up my house and yard so that they might have a place to play and grow up. My hands cook and do laundry. Little things I do everyday because I love my children.

With Dan, it’s holding his hand or rubbing his back. I love surprising him with chocolate from the store or with a quick text that says “I love you.” It’s making homemade chicken noodle soup when he’s sick in bed. Wearing his favorite shirt, laughing at his quirky jokes, making him a cup of coffee.

I also forgive him and say I’m sorry. I put my own habits aside and do things Dan’s way (like close the cap on the contact lens solution). I don’t put vegetables in the casserole and never buy Folgers coffee :). Its what I do because I love Dan.

Little things. Everyday things. Things we would not knowingly for anyone else, but we do without thought for those we love. Why? Because they mean more to us than inconveniences and messes, more than money, or time, or stuff. Its love shown in the details. The kind of love that glues people together.

So what do you do for love?

3 thoughts on “The Things We Do for Love”

  1. Love this! I almost want to say that I’m going to endure childbirth for love…and maybe I will…I’m due with our first this Feb and childbirth? That? Pure love.

    1. Congrats Jessica! I’ll tell you, the moment you lay eyes on your first baby, you realize you would do anything for that little wrinkled bit of life (even move mountains if you could :))

  2. One of the things I have learned to do for love (for you and Dan and the kiddoes as they have come along) Is to travel to where you all are. It is very scary for me and totally out of my comfort zone; but I love being with my loved ones & will gladly drive, fly (even learn how to text and skype) – especially when you say you NEED me. ok-so it’s not changing cages, or litter boxes or diapers- just planes and zones! see ya soon!

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