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Learning to be Content

When Dan and I first married, we bought a house near family. It was a nice split level at the end of the street. It needed some work, but it was our home and I loved it. For a while. But soon my heart began to wander. I wanted more than what we had.

Multnomah FallsA couple years later, we moved to Portland. I loved Portland! All the culture, all the things to do, and all the rain. I love rain 🙂 But after a year, my heart started wandering again. City life was not enough. I wanted more.

Then we moved to the Oregon coast. We lived only five miles from the beach. Almost everyday I would take long walks on the beach or explore the lush, green forest that grew behind the house we lived in. But I was not content. I wanted more.

A short while later, we moved to the middle of the United States. Because of the drastic difference in house prices between the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest, we were able to buy our dream home: a two story brick home at the end of a cul-de-sac with a white picket fence. Surely I would be content, right?

Then Dan lost his job. Sometimes it takes losing everything to realize what you really have.

We now live in Kansas, in a small house. And you know what? I love this small house. My family is here. My heart is here. Sure, I could use a little more counter space in the kitchen, but I can honestly say I haven’t once thought about leaving. It took God moving me across the country and trying out everything I thought my heart desired to realize that contentment comes from being thankful for what you have, big or little.

How about you? Do you struggle with being content with what you have?