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Following God is not a Game

I like games: board games, video games, outside games, indoor games, you name it 🙂 But I play games, they are not my life. They do not dictate my life, they do not help me make choices. They are there when I need a break or want to do an activity with someone. I think everyone would agree games are there to be played, but then you walk away and go back to living life.

I think people treat their walk with God the same way. They pull out their Bible once in a while, attend church every couple weeks, and pray when something bad happens. God’s Word is a list of things that—if you feel inclined—you can follow. But if they gets in the way of your happiness or what you want to do right now, then you can toss them out.

My friends, following God is not a game. You are all in or you are all out. Now that doesn’t mean you don’t slip up, that you never sin again. When we walk, there are moments we trip and stumble. But we don’t stay on the ground. We don’t turn around. We get back up and take more steps, each step drawing us closer to Christ-likeness.

There is a reason Jesus repeatedly told His followers to take up their cross and follow Him. To not look back. To be hot, not lukewarm. Following God is hard. It means denying yourself, even dying to yourself. It means putting His words above everything else in your life. It means actually doing what He says, not just when it suits you.

There have been times in my own life that I haven’t wanted to go on. The grass looks greener on the other side of the fence. Why should I suffer if I don’t have to? Other Christians are doing their own thing and still following God. Why can’t I?

Here’s the thing. Are they really following God? When a person runs a marathon, they don’t go off in their own direction, they go the way of the race or else they aren’t really in the race. Same way with following God. He is going one direction. Are you going the same way? Or your own way?

Following God is not a game, it is a life commitment. How about you? Are you tempted to just follow God when it’s easy? How do you overcome that and keep on going?