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How Do You Say That?

Part of writing fantasy is finding or coming up with fantasy words and names. You want something that looks out of this world, yet won’t make the reader stumble. I am more of the camp that believes less is better. I don’t want my readers pausing every couple paragraphs trying to figure out what that word is, or remember who that was because the name is so different, or needing a glossary at the end of the book for every creature, species, or person. I want it simple.

That being said, I still have creative or ancient words in my books. Recently I had someone ask me how to pronounce some of them. I told this person part of the magic of reading is you get to pronounce it the way you want to. However, I know some people like to know how the author pronounces it (even I am curious sometimes as to how the author would say that word).

So here is a short guide to some of the places, people, and races in the Follower of the Word series. Enjoy!

Nierne- Scribe from Thyra. Near Nee

Avonai- Capital city of the coastal country.  A Von Aa (long “a” at end)

Azar- Capital city of Temanin Empire.  A Zar

Tala- Ruling family of the Temanin Empire.  Tal La

Palancar- Guard family for the rulers of the White City.   Palan Car

Thyra- Capital of Kerre.  Thy Ra

Kerre- Country to the far west.  Cur

Eldarans- Race of people descended from the ancients ones who accompanied the Word to the Lands.  El Dare Ans

Shadonae- Race of people of which there is little known, other than they are powerful and violent.  Shad Don Aa (long “a”)

Mordra- Beings from the Unseen World. Also known as shadows or shadow wraiths.   More Dra

That about covers the main cast of people and places. If there is a person or word I missed and you are curious, feel free to leave it in the comments and I’ll comment back on how I pronounce it 🙂