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April Fool’s Day

Happy April 1st! Today is a huge day for the Busse family. First, it’s Kaitlyn’s birthday. Eight years ago, God blessed us with a wonderful, highly creative, beautiful daughter.

Secondly, my book released today, Daughter of Light. Funny enough, I began writing this story shortly after Katy was born. So they both kind of share a birthday 😉

Thirdly, we get to move into our rental house. No more camping out in living rooms, no more rummaging through boxes. Yahoo!

Fourth, I get to join my new church family today. I already feel really blessed and embraced by the people of Riverpoint Church. Thank you :).

When I realized a couple weeks ago how much would be happening on April 1st, I felt absolutely overwhelmed. Moving and celebrating a birthday and releasing a book and meeting lots of new people. Yikes!

Then I laughed. God definitely had a sense of humor when He orchestrated all these events on a single day, that day being April 1st. Only He wasn’t fooling. It’s all real.

So instead of stressing, I’m going to sit back and enjoy this day God has given me. I’m going to eat lots of cake and ice cream, say hi to people, start putting my new home together, and thank God for my published book.


For anyone interested, click here for a link to my new book :).