Release Day for Flight of the Raven!

Outcast. Stranger. Lady of House Maris.

Dear Friends,
Aaaaaa! It’s here! The release day for Flight of the Raven! I know many of you have been waiting to find out what happens next with Selene and Damien! Can I just share my heart with you for a minute (before you rush off to start this new novel😄)? I’ve always wanted to write about a married couple: how marriage is about love, mutual respect, being there for each other, and being a team. Flight of the Raven (and Cry of the Raven, the next book) are just that: a look at marriage (with a bunch of dreams, nightmares, and a war thrown in). I hope that this series encourages your heart, helps you with the darkness you are wrestling with right now, and that you find the Light that is always there.

~Morgan L. Busse

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11 thoughts on “Release Day for Flight of the Raven!”

  1. Yay!!! I’ve been waiting, as have two of my siblings. We pre-ordered, so we are desperately watching for the mail-man to come. Thank you so much for your writing. . . it is a blessing and a joy! (Oh, and a friendly request from some of your biggest fans, please don’t kill Damien or Selene. Please. 😉

  2. I just finished reading Flight of the Raven. Only one question: when is the next one coming? I absolutely loved it.

      1. Oh no! I can’t possibly wait that long! My brother and I each finished Flight of the Raven yesterday. It was amazing!!!

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