How Rescue Animals are Like the Gospel

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows I love animals. Big small, I love them all (even the stinky ones and slimy ones). Because of my love, my house is filled with furry and wet friends and probably smells like the Ark!

Last week another critter joined our family. Whiskers, once one of the many poor goldfish pawned off at carnivals, is now part of the Busse family.

As I prepared his aquarium, it hit me how my animals are similar to how we join God’s family. Each one came from a different background: specially bred, pet store, abandoned, or destined for a life of misery followed by death. Each one wanted, no matter where they came from. Each one now a Busse (yes, we give our animals our last name).

Gracie is our dog. She came from a litter of 15 Vizslas. We went and chose her out and brought her home with us. She’s been with us since she was twelve weeks old and just celebrated her 7th birthday.

Grace, Rosie, and Rory (who has since passed away)

Butterscotch and Vanilla are our two long-haired guinea pigs. They were just one of many little guinea pigs waiting to be bought at a local pet store. Now they are seven years old and the most spoiled little pigs you will ever meet (or so my husband says).

Vanilla and Butterscotch

Our cat Rosie and her sister were left in front of a store and hit by a car, leaving her sister with a broken leg. A woman found them and searched for a good family for the two kitties. We were only able to adopt Rosie, but don’t worry, the lady who found the kittens went on to adopt her sister.

Vader, our black cat, was abandoned in a field and left to die. It was his pitiful little meows that alerted my children and me to his predicament. I took him home, fed him, and looked for a permanent home for him. After a month, I knew I had to take him to the local shelter. Then my husband text me and said he had found Vader a home. He wanted to keep the little guy for himself :). Vader is not so little now! He’s a sixteen pound tomcat and a big teddy bear that loves my husband.

Vader loves playing with toilet paper!
Vader when he was young.

And now we have Whiskers, the carnival goldfish.

Just like my pets, each one of us has a back story: perhaps we were loved and from a good family, maybe we were abandoned, or forced to live on the street and fight for survival. Or maybe we felt small and insignificant, just one of the many swimming around in the cooler, waiting to be taken by the next winner, not knowing if life would get better or worse.

Then God came and invited us to be part of His family. He gave us His last name and a new home. I love my animals, but my love is nothing compared to God’s love for us. His love is eternal, and nothing can snatch us from His hands. What an amazing love!

Whiskers in his new home!


5 thoughts on “How Rescue Animals are Like the Gospel”

  1. Love it! Reading your blog reminded me that We can learn a lot from an animal on how to act like a Christian. They love us despite our failings. They don’t hold grudges and they will sit and listen no matter how long I rattle on! They always have time for us.

  2. I love this! Since we have 25 rescue dogs, two cats, a turtle and a fish (whose species I cannot pronounce, much less spell, I can relate).

    Sylvia, the Big Pit Bull whose picture graces my blog (instead of my picture) was also found abandoned and dying in a field in Lubbock, TX, on the 3rd of July. She had a broken hip, and a dead puppy in her womb. We picked her up…she weighed barely thirty pounds – and brought her to the vet, we thought to be euthanized.

    But they saved her, and now she is one of my PTSD service dogs. I would be dead without her; she has given me a reason to hold tightly enough to life to survive.

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