A Tale of a Black Cat

This tale began on a warm, summer day in June. Every day my children and I would bike along a path near our home. On that particular day as we were riding by a patch of woods, I heard the strangest sound: a mixture of mewling and crying. I stopped and listened. There it was again, one of the most pathetic sounds I had ever heard. So I called to the kids, parked my bike, and headed toward the trees.

After pushing back some branches, I found a scrawny black kitten looking up at me. He cried again, his eyes wide. At first he stepped toward me, then away from me. It was as if he didn’t know if he could trust me or not. My heart just melted. I couldn’t ride off and pretend I never saw him. By the looks of things, he didn’t have much life left. Only enough to call for help.

I reached in to grab him. He must have decided I was trustworthy because he came toward me and let me pick him up. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with him. My husband had said no more pets after I brought home our last stray cat. But I simply could not leave this little black kitten here to die. So I came up with a plan. I would only keep the kitten temporarily, long enough to find him a forever home.

And with that, I called to the kids again and started biking home, the black kitten perched on my shoulder like a parrot from some pirate story.

At home, I dug out my other cat’s food and poured it into a bowl. The black kitten inhaled the food, never stopping to even chew. After a couple minutes, he found me and crawled into my lap. He watched me and I watched him. Then he reached up and placed his paws on either side of my neck. He was hugging me! All I could think was, “Bud, you can’t stay with me.”

Dan came home later and we talked. He knew my tender heart toward strays and agreed to let me find a permanent home for the kitten. So started a month long process of searching. Nothing happened. In the meantime, Vader, as we now called him, had started worming his way into our hearts.

As the month ended, I knew I was going to have to take the kitten to the pound. But then that weekend we had three people interested in Vader. My heart was torn. I saw how much my family, especially my husband (although he would never admit it) had grown attached to Vader. But we already had five animals. We couldn’t take in another.

Then everything fell through. The family found another kitten that fit their family’s needs. And I had made an agreement in my heart to honor what my husband had asked me, to find another place for Vader to live. So with a heavy heart, I text my husband and told him Vader did not have a home and I was ready to take him to the pound. My husband text me back and said Vader already had a home. We would be his forever home.

That is how we came to adopt a sweet, black kitty named Vader. He is one of the most loving, playful cats I have ever met. Sometimes I think there is a bit of dog in that cat. And although he loves all of us, it is my husband who holds a special place in that cat’s heart.

I love stories about stray animals. I think in some ways they represent us. We were once lost, but then were found, taken home, washed up, fed, maybe bandaged, and given a forever home with the King of kings.

How about you? Have you ever adopted a stray? Please, share your story!


Vader loves playing with toilet paper!
Vader loves playing with
toilet paper!


6 thoughts on “A Tale of a Black Cat”

  1. I shared on FB that we have a black named Sabre. She joined us on my oldest son’s 6th birthday (in April of this year), albeit not as a gift from us. I was outside doing something and I heard a noise from near our trashcan. Turning around, I saw a skin-and-bones black kitty eating the crust of a slice of pizza. At first, I was mad that she’d torn into our trash and begun scattering it around the yard. Then, I felt sorry for her.

    I got some food and water for her and called the family outside. She immediately started rubbing on all of us and purring contentedly. We fed her again later that day. The next morning, she was still there. My wife and I talked about it for about 30 seconds and then she was ours. We gave her a bath and realized she was either pregnant or had just given birth. Several months and a hysterectomy later, Sabre had grown healthy and was firmly entrenched in our family. She, too, is a very energetic, playful kitty.

    Then we met her Beau, Captain Meow, a known neighborhood rascal that no one claimed. He came to our door. Sabre looked at him and hissed, turning away and swishing her tail. Apparently Captain Meow is not the best daddy! We confirmed his relationship with Sabre later that day when, out for a walk, we saw a group of 5 kittens, 4 exactly like Sabre and one just like the not-so-good Captain. It’s great having learned more of our beloved kitty’s story, even if it could have been featured on Jerry Springer.

    1. Hahaha! I love it. The relationship between my other cat (Rosie) and Vader has been one of love and hate. Vader loves Rosie to death and pounces on her whenever she enters the house (and he loves her poofy tail lol). She, on the other hand, barely tolerates him. But they have found they like to sleep in a sunbeam together 🙂

  2. We have 4 cats and all are strays. Our oldest showed up one night in our backyard being chewed on by our dogs (not hurt). He had made it over our 6′ fence. We figured he had to belong to someone cause he was such a handsome fellow but after putting up flyers and placing an ad, no one claimed him. The next two were running around church one night and I brought them home to “find homes for them” and they have been here 3 years and counting. Our latest was found in the warehouse where my husband works. He was a 5 wk old kitten and weighed .7 ounces. My husband brought him home so he wouldn’t get killed with, again, the intention of finding him a home. He has the sweetest personality and is now 6 months old.
    We also have three dogs, two of which are strays. Hubby is the dog person and I’m the cat person. He loves the cats too though.

    Love the name Vader!

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