Book Review: Finding Angel

Finding Angel by Kat Heckenbach is a story placed in our world about a girl who discovers she has the magical ability to “find” things. Because of her ability, the villain tried to murder her when she was seven and take her ability (in this story’s framework, if you kill someone with magic, you absorb their magical ability).

Angel is now in her early teens living in a foster home with no memories of her past. But when a young man comes into town, magic starts to happen. Angel finds her way home to Toch Island and begins to remember her past and her magic.

Finding Angel is a YA novel. It’s not very fast pace, but it is filled with interesting magic ideas and twists and turns as Angel unravels the mystery of who she is. And the writing style of Finding Angel reminds me of Madeleine L’Engle’s.

*Spoiler* The only caution I will put in is there is a bit of violence at the end involving genetically manipulated animals (being an animal lover, that was hard to read).

YA is not really my genre of choice, but I know that my younger self would have devoured this book. So I would recommend this book for anyone who loves modern day fantasy or YA fantasy.


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