Hugs and Kisses

I was sitting on the couch yesterday afternoon reading my bible when Caleb came tearing around the corner on his tricycle. A huge grin filled his face when he caught sight of me. He jumped off his tricycle, ran towards me, and gave me the biggest hug ever. Then he raced back towards the bike and tore out of the living room.

I read a couple verses. The squeaky sound of a tricycle two wheeling around the staircase filled my ears. I looked up. Caleb came tearing back into the living room. He grinned again, jumped off his bike and gave me another huge hug. By now my mommy heart was melting all over the place. Caleb ran to his bike and away he went.

This happened a third time, but instead of racing off to his bike, Caleb just laid his head on my chest. We sat there, me stroking his back, he enjoying his mommy. And I realized what a blessing hugs and kisses are.

They come big, they come small. But each one is special.

When Makayla is put to bed, she likes to beckon me with a tiny little finger. Then when my face is close enough, she pulls me in and gives me a big kiss on the cheek. Philip on the other hand is becoming a “big boy” (aka “I’m too old for that mom”). So I just go up to him, wrap my arms around his middle and smell his hair. He smells just like Dan 🙂  Katy… well Katy is just like a kitty. She likes to snuggle down on my lap and purr.

Even those touches of affection in marriage are special. Dan loves to give big bear hugs (I think he’s going to break one of my ribs someday!). I like to hold his hand. Those “I missed you all day and I’m glad you’re home from work” kisses. And my favorite: full body hugs beneath warm blankets while a thunderstorm rages outside.

God gives us such wonderful things like hugs and kisses. Even just writing about my own hugs and kisses makes my heart swell in gratefulness to our God who made such things 🙂

How about you? What’s a special hug or kiss for you?

7 thoughts on “Hugs and Kisses”

  1. Andrew’s almost 18 and much taller than me but he still comes up, puts his arms around me tight and give me kisses. There are also times he’s been known to climb up in my lap when I’m in the recliner and snuggle. I guess they’re never too old for snuggling. I hope it never changes. You have four amazing children… Andrew’s all I have.
    I love the hugs and kisses that come from Ric when he comes home from being at the farm for a while and my all time favorit is snuggling up on the sofa to watch a good movie together.

  2. I loved when my kids gave me hugs even to this day. However, I remember 3 hugs from some people I wish I had gotten more from. One was my mom. I remember only two hugs I ever got….- when her and dad got a divorce and she’d been drinking. The second one came when she was dying and was in a great deal of pain. Mom allowed me to hug her. The third hug I remember was the day I was with my dad and he found out they couldnt do any more about his cancer. I had had to be the “strong” one and that day I told dad I was going to miss him, gave him a hug and we both cried.

  3. Morgan your post made me cry… =) I forget how wonderful such lil things like hugs and kisses can feel. With my older son who has alot of issues, I forget that he is just a kid, wanting to be loved. I hug him every morning before the day starts to remind him that I do love him. My lil boy, he not so much of a touchy guy, but when he does cuddle up to me, it feels good to know that Im his mom, and that I have a chance to watch him grow up and love him on the way. But what really got me going was about the husband, with Chris just leaving this past week, and knowing he will be gone for 8 months, I miss him so much, the thing Im going to miss the most is his touch, Chris is very much of a affection guy, he loves to rub my back, and touch my hair, and hold my hand, and give me huge hugs when im in a hurry to do something, lol. Ill get mad at him sometimes, and be like dont you see what time it is, we need to go… but now I would do anything for that lingering hug, that would make me upset… Thanks for your post Morgan, I love reading your blogs =)

  4. I loved reading all of your comments. Funny enough, I was never a touchy person growing up (just ask my mom lol). But I think becoming a mom myself changed me… and that’s a good thing 🙂

  5. Long distance hugs from Dan and Morgan via facebook or phone call or texts.
    Knock Gramma off her feet, run and tackle hugs when she arrives for a visit. Shy, I will miss you Gramma “hugs” when she leaves.
    Encouraging hugs from sisters and brothers in the Lord.
    Unexpected hugs from co-workers.
    Thank you God for arms to hug and heart to be filled with joy.

  6. Not really a hug or a kiss, but the special game Alex and I used to play. I’d tell him to get Mommy and he would grin, reach up and touch my cheek or my shoulder. It was his own special way of giving me a hug, since he was too young and too encumbered to give me much else.

    Hearing my nieces scream, “Aunt Beebee!” and race to give me a hug whenever I walk into my brother’s house.

    Jason just holding me whenever I need to be held.

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